1Biggs Don wants to become a music legend

February 15, 2023
1Biggs Don
1Biggs Don

In 2022, emerging dancehall act 1Biggs Don took the nation by storm on TikTok with the 'Boy Affi' challenge.

The viral video catapulted the youngster to stardom and since then he has released several other tracks and graced many stages locally and throughout the Caribbean. Less than a year since he made his entry to into the industry, the 19-year-old said he is now focused on the bigger picture.

"It is not just about money alone, mi need fi can collect a Grammy 'cause money will always blow. But the YouTube plaques and Grammy that I can look on, that is the thing I want really and truly, to can tell my grandchildren that I was a legend. I am just trying to be a legend right now. I am focused, I was younger then and now I am learning more and preparing," he told THE STAR.

1Biggs Don, whose given name is Jamaal Thompson, is also the voice behind the tunes Biggs Rock and Sarry which both live up to the trap-dancehall style for which he is known. Nevertheless, as he sets sights on making more of an impact, he aims to showcase his versatility this year.

"I got some projects coming up but I got to get them perfect. I feel like I have 'bout five hit songs. I have two songs for the women, two conscious songs and a party song. Those songs that I am working on now, I like dem, people like them and we know good music," he said.

"You have to be a great artiste and you have to be talked about. Like you want people guh suh 'A nuh one style Biggs Don have, him can go fi the females dem then him can tell you seh life hard then him tell you say party nice'. You can't really be stuck on one side so, because it is going to get boring," he continued.

The former Porus High School student is often a subject of conversation for a myriad of reasons on social media. However, he said that people should not take any of the antics too seriously. Furthermore, now coming to terms with his fame and career, he is after much more.

"Personally, I feel like when me get the break, I was not prepared with all and the rush and everything I never really got to plan. But now I have to prepare and work things out and we a go the right way now. The buss just run in and me neva get no time fi grow. This year I am taking the time to perfect the business side of things, the music side and cope with life too," he said.

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