Woman thinks I used obeah to take her man

May 12, 2023

Dear Pastor,

I am 21 years old, and I am living with my boyfriend. He is 30 years old. He has two children with another woman. I do not have any children for him.

His children's mother knows me because we are from the same community. When my boyfriend and I started seeing each other, she found out about us and she threatened me. I told him about her threats, and he spoke to her and told her not to interfere with me.

I moved out from the community, but she found out my new address, and the threats continue. I am working in a supermarket. She almost caused me to get fired because she came there pretending that she was a customer and launched an attack on my character. She told many of the workers that I am a whore, and that all I am good for is to take away people's men. She also said that I have aborted several pregnancies. I have never been pregnant, and I have never done an abortion. So this woman has been making mischief on me.

Things have got so bad that I have had to be walking with a knife or scissors in my bag. I have made up my mind that if she tries to attack me, I am going to defend myself. She says that I am preventing her children's father from supporting his children. He said that he sends money for them every two weeks. He does not go to her house and that is what she wants. She wants to see him every week, and to curse him out.

I have a brother who spends time with me when my boyfriend is not at home and can't be there with me. My boyfriend is on the soft side, but he has been threatening her. I told him not to get in trouble because of her. I told him to report her to the police. He said I should go first and report her, but my brother said she has only threatened me, she hasn't touched me.

This girl has been saying that I have used obeah to take my boyfriend from her. I am not an obeah worker. I believe that he is with me because I have treated him well and I take good care of him. This girl has a nasty mouth.


Dear R.,

Keep out of this girl's way. You cannot stop her from cursing you, but you can make sure that you don't get into any arguments with her or any fight. You should also ensure, as best as you can, that your boyfriend supports his children. Whenever she comes to your workplace, keep away from her. If she threatens you, you should report her to the police.


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