Jamaican women have me hooked

May 11, 2023

Dear Pastor,

I am a 60-year-old man and I have been to Jamaica many times. I live in America, and from the first time I came to Jamaica, I fell in love with the place.

When I came here first, I was 51. I became friendly with the women. I stayed in a hotel on the north coast. I used to sleep with two to three girls in one night. One girl brought her girlfriend, and they introduced me to a place where we could rent and cook our own meals. It was lots of fun. I am a businessman. The first time I came to Jamaica I was still married, but later on I got a divorce. So when I returned, I didn't have a wife to report to. I have three children and I told them that they could always call me on my cell.

While I was in Jamaica, I learned the trick. I got a new phone and a new chip. My boys didn't care what I was doing, but my daughter called me three or four times per day, warning me to be careful. These Jamaican girls made me feel like a new man. One of them was more careful than the other. One of them told me nothing could go on between us unless I used the condom. The other girl didn't care about condoms, and she did lots of freaky stuff. Both of them caused me to return in two weeks.

These girls were living together. I convinced them to do so to save money. I pay their rent. Before I got back to Jamaica, one of them died in an accident. I came back to Jamaica hoping to stay with the other one, but when she met me at the airport in MoBay, she told me that a guy was staying there with her. She pretended that he was her cousin, but he was her boyfriend.

The taxi man who drove me around told me that the girl was conning me. He introduced me to other girls. My girlfriend tried to get rid of her so-called cousin, but I refused to stay at her house. She came to my hotel and saw another girl there with me, and she wanted to fight the girl. I have spent a lot of money on this girl and I told her that if she had spoken the truth about the man, I could have continued the relationship.

The Jamaican girls are special. I have told all my friends about them. Some American women don't trust the Jamaican women because they know what to do to make a man happy and to take him away. I would like to get married to an ambitious Jamaican girl. I am tired of running around. I love the girl I am with now. She does not have any education, but maybe if she did, she wouldn't treat me as well as she does now.

My daughter told me that I should not marry any woman from Jamaica, but I know what I like. I do not think I would be happy without a Jamaican woman in my life.

Please, give me some guidance.


Dear M.L.,

I hope you understand why I cannot publish everything that you have written. Your letter reminded me of a man who came to Jamaica and fell in love with a 19-year-old woman.

He was so much in love with her that he bought her a business. On one of his trips, he took one of his granddaughters and she did her best to protect her grandfather. But he was so much in love with this 19-year-old that he ignored his granddaughter and married the Jamaican. He has been thinking of filing for her and taking her to America. I have been to the business place.

I know that so often when some men have tasted sweetness, they totally lose their senses. I believe that you fall into that category. You have been wasting your money on these girls. I am not against a man coming to Jamaica and having a good time, but you are blowing money that you will need in your senior years.

Here is this girl using your money to pay her rent, while she is living with another man. The young woman may have one goal, and that is for you to marry her and take her to America. So I say to you, be careful what you are doing. If you feel that you must have this woman in your life, find a family counsellor and make an appointment for both of you. I am not here to condemn you, but I do believe that you are being used.


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