Want an older woman in my life

March 24, 2023

Dear Pastor,

I am a 33-year-old farmer. I raise animals, but I have lost some. The thieves are always watching how they can steal. I will not give up. I have four children with two women; three girls and one boy. I am trying my very best to support them. These women are never satisfied with what men give to them. They want more and more all the time.

My children are around me on weekends. I give them money to give to their mothers when they are leaving. I want them to know what I am sending to their mothers. I would like to get married, but I do not trust women. If I should get married, I would love to marry a woman who is in her 60s. Such a woman wouldn't have to be running around. She would have done her days, and I would be willing to take care of her.

My son says he wants to be a doctor. All the girls want to go into nursing. I am trying my best with them. My son's mother wants us to get back into a relationship, but I don't want her back. She is like a fire engine, always 'waan, waan, waan'.

I met an old lady and we have become friends, but I have not tested the water with her as yet. I told her that I would like to settle down with her and she is laughing it off. She is in her 60s.

Do you think anything is wrong if we were to go together? I would like to hear what you have to say.


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