Humble Lion want to be in it to win it

May 05, 2023
Andrew Price
Andrew Price

Taking inspiration from Harbour View's late-season surge to the JPL title last season, Humble Lion head coach Andrew Price is relishing being in control of their playoff future, for a full charge to the title, after two disappointing seasons.

Humble Lion, who are currently in fifth place with 41 points, will face seventh-place Waterhouse in their regular season finale on Sunday at the Waterhouse Stadium at 3:15 p.m. Unlike last season when Humble Lion failed to benefit from fortune to sneak into the playoffs, they now have their destiny in their hands, needing only a point to secure their place for the first time since 2017 when they won the regular season title.

Despite being level on points with Harbour View last season, Humble Lion missed the top six by goal difference. That has fuelled the Clarendon-based Humble Lion's resurgence to not let history repeat itself.

"We had a coming together of the minds of the youngsters along with the experienced players, and we set ourselves individual goals throughout the entire season. One of the goals was to stay in the top six for the entire season, and that was the minimum standard that we wanted," Price told STAR Sports.

"There hasn't been a week that we haven't been in the top six, and we wanted to maintain that because we learned from the last game of the season, we lost the spot by one goal to Harbour View, and they ended up winning the title. Our resolution was once we stayed in the top six, we have an opportunity to challenge for the title."

Humble Lion's rebirth this season has included making vast improvements, becoming the best defensive team in the league, having only conceded 15 goals. Price, looking at Harbour View's last-minute playoff berth to fuel their title charge last season, hopes they can replicate similar success.

"We have lived on the mantra that if our defence holds strong, if we only get one goal, then one is enough for us to win the game," Price said. "That has been the inspiration that we utilised this season. The fact that Harbour View came sixth and ended up winning everything, it was done before by Arnett Gardens several years ago, so we want to be in it, and we will have an opportunity to win it."

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