Cavalier support Waterhouse’s appeal of JFF ruling

May 04, 2023
Rudolph Speid
Rudolph Speid

Waterhouse is appealing the three points and three goals deducted by the Jamaica Football Federation's (JFF) competitions committee for using an ineligible player on an accumulation of cards against Cavalier.

It is a position that Cavalier director Rudolph Speid supports, pointing out that the rules do not speak to this specific situation. In that match, Waterhouse used Shaqueil Bradford, while Cavalier played with Christopher Ainsworth, who both should have sat out on accumulated of cards.

Cavalier were also slapped with the same charge in that game, and Speid's stance is, although Waterhouse refused to disclose the grounds on which they are appealing. Cavalier lost the match 1-0 and were deducted three goals without losing any points.

Speid argues that based on the rule, the offenders are deducted three goals, while three goals and three points are awarded to the offended.

However, both the teams committed the same offence in the match, and Speid insists both Cavalier and Waterhouse should be getting the points.

He believes the federation is trying to dovetail a solution for this unique situation but noted that it is unprecedented.

"I never knew Waterhouse appealed, but Waterhouse should go ahead and appeal as I would support Waterhouse," Speid disclosed. "There is no rule governing clubs committing the same breach in the same game. The rule is for one club making the breach, so that is where they have a problem.

"If they use that rule, they have to give Waterhouse three points because I (Cavalier) used an ineligible player. If they use the same ruling, they have to give me three points because Waterhouse used an ineligible player also. So we both should be getting three points if they use that rule," he reasoned.

He pointed out that they have searched the world for a similar scenario to assist in adjudicating the situation but that there is no record of anything like this.

However, if three points are not forthcoming to both teams, Speid said the organisers should rule the game null and void because both teams committed the same breach.

"What the JFF did was just said nobody gets any points and take away three goals from the teams, but we are saying that they cannot apply half of the rule, apply it in its entirety.

"The truth is neither Cavalier nor Waterhouse are arguing about the points. What we are arguing is why are you taking away three goals from us? We both used an ineligible player, and the JFF has not declared the game one way or the other.

"We support Waterhouse because the JFF has no rule to deal with this, so the JFF must rule properly by declaring the match null and void or ordering a play over," Speid said.

He added that he has written to the JFF, noting that the rule is inapplicable and needs adjusting.

Meanwhile, Waterhouse manager Keith Salesmans confirmed their appeal.

All efforts to get a response from the JFF proved futile.

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