King, Atkinson set for loan deals in Iceland

May 03, 2023
Richard King
Richard King
Dwayne Atkinson
Dwayne Atkinson

Cavalier Sports Club's Richard King and Dwayne Atkinson are due to leave the island shortly after the Jamaica Premier League club (JPL) inked one-year loan deals with Iceland club IBV.

Cavalier's sporting director Rudolph Speid is expecting quick acclimatisation and steady progress for the two young stars.

"The biggest challenge they will have is the cold. They (Iceland) have a similar ranking to Jamaica on the FIFA world ranking, so I assume they are roughly about the same quality as us.

"They are two of our best players, so I believe they will be good enough. It will take a while for them to get acclimatised but I think they can hit the ground running, and their improvement will be even greater. I think they will be okay after a month or so," he assessed.

He pointed out that Atkinson is no stranger to playing overseas, and that King is a consummate professional with immense quality.

"Atkinson has gone to Sweden twice. He has been to United States and other places on trial. So he is a globetrotting player, and he hasn't backed down anywhere he has gone.

"King has been a revelation after leaving school. He went almost straight into the national team and you can see the quality he has.

"I don't think they should have any issues because Cavalier players are taught to keep their focus until they get the job done and they have been a part of that mentality. So I expect to have the same mentality overseas," he reasoned.

King a 21-year-old central defender and 20-year-old forward, Atkinson, who has 11 goal and 11 assists this season, are two of Cavalier's main figures and Speid admits they will be missed in the JPL playoffs.

"Atkinson is one of the top performers in the Premier League this season. King is one of the best defenders. So we are losing two of our star players.

"We only have five players from the playoffs last season. (Ronaldo) Webster, Vino (Barclett), (Kyle) Ming, (Jeovanni) Laing and (Collin) Anderson. All the other starters and first-choice subs are gone. So Cavalier will definitely miss two of our biggest stars but we are happy for them to go," he said.

IBV, based in Vestmannaeyjar, Iceland, currently play in the Besta deild karla, the top-tier football league in Iceland.

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