JPL Best and Worst Week 19

March 24, 2023
Alex Thomas
Alex Thomas
Clovis de Oliveira
Clovis de Oliveira



In an up-and-down season Waterhouse secured their biggest scalp of the campaign by defeating Mount Pleasant 2-0 to vault into fifth place in the league. They have won three straight games and four out of their last five, as they continue a brilliant turnaround in form.


Portmore United have bragging rights as the best in St Catherine for this season after dispatching rivals Dunbeholden 3-1 in their derby game over the weekend. It is only the third time this season that Portmore have scored multiple goals in a game, and their three-match unbeaten run, with a game in hand, has them right in the thick of the playoff hunt.


Molynes United did their damage in the first half, which was enough to get past Chapelton Maroons 3-1 and give them an outside chance of making the playoffs, with the gap between them and sixth-place Humble Lion just eight points. Not only is this the first time Molynes are winning back-to-back games this season, but they have scored seven goals in that span, which will encourage head coach Alex Thomas regarding their newfound goals-scoring capabilities.



A St Catherine derby defeat to Portmore United has put their playoff hopes in jeopardy, although the gap between them and sixth-place Humble Lion is five points. What should be concerning Dunbeholden is that their defence has been struggling in the last few games. They have conceded nine goals in four games and their inconsistency plagued them this season. With seven games left, there is not a lot of margin for error.


The bell has not tolled yet for Chapelton Maroons but unless they can produce a miracle in these last seven games, they will have to prepare to head back to the lower division. They have not won a game since February 20, losing three of their last four and despite the effort of interim manager Clovis De Oliveira, they are faced with a near-impossible task to save their season.


Mount Pleasant didn't use the rare weekend off two weeks ago because of international duty to their liking, as their eight-game unbeaten run came to an end at the hands of Waterhouse. They, however, have the benefit of a game in hand to make up the two-point deficit that exists between them and league leaders Arnett Gardens.

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