Illegal immigrants from Haiti seek lawyer

April 17, 2023

Three Haitian women and a five-year-old, who arrived on the island illegally last November via boat, indicated to a senior parish judge that they would like the assistance of a lawyer to plead their case.

The women, Alixa Beaubrun, Youdelema Rose Dare and Youdelie Rose Dare, appeared in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court last week, to answer to a charge of illegal entry.

It was the second time this week that the matter was listed for mention, due to the unavailability of a translator on Wednesday when it was first placed before the court. There was no representative from the Haitian Consulate present in court either.

Senior Parish Judge Paula Blake-Powell asked if they intended to make a plea and to have arrangements made for them to be repatriated, the women signalled, through the interpreter, that they are seeking legal representation.

"They said they would like to get legal representation to explain their cases," the translator relayed to the court.

Judge Blake-Powell then adjourned proceedings until May 26 to facilitate the women being assigned lawyers.

The women were remanded in custody until then.

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