Woman accused of stealing courthouse keys freed

April 13, 2023

Prosecutors at the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court yesterday dismissed the case against a woman who was charged in relation to the disappearance of keys belonging to the St Catherine Parish Court sometime last year.

"We may have a challenge proving the mental element of the matter," the prosecutor informed Senior Parish Judge Paula Blake-Powell.

The woman, Janet Fletcher, was charged with simple larceny. Allegations are that on September 13, 2022, she visited the Spanish Town Police Station to make a report and while there, she removed a bunch of keys belonging to the parish court. The keys are held at the police station for safekeeping.

Following the decision of the Crown to dismiss the matter as they would not be able to successfully mount a case against Fletcher, Judge Blake-Powell gave the accused good news.

"No evidence is offered against you Ms Fletcher, you are free to go," the senior jurist said.

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