Men allegedly steal $1.6 million worth of animal feed

April 06, 2023

The bail application for two men interdicted in the robbery of $1.6 million worth of animal feed was not heard on Wednesday in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court as a senior parish judge requested the preliminary report of the incident.

"I want to have sight of the preliminary report first based on the nature of this matter. There is a committal offence and I won't hear the bail application before the preliminary report is available," Senior Parish Judge Paula Blake-Powell revealed.

The accused, Nacarie Brown and Greg Sutton, are charged with conspiracy to commit robbery, kidnapping and robbery with aggravation. It is alleged that the complainant was driving a motor truck when Brown and Sutton, who were travelling in a Honda Accord motor car, informed him that his truck had an oil leak. The complainant pulled off to the side of the road to make checks when he was accosted by the men, who subsequently commandeered his truck. The complainant was tied up, robbed and taken to East Road in Kingston where the accused along with other men robbed him of approximately 600 bags of feed valued at more than $1.6 million.

The clerk of court informed the judge that the case file was incomplete as there are several outstanding statements from eyewitnesses, as well as an analysis report from the police's Communication Forensic and Cybercrime Division.

"I need the preliminary report here. I am giving the investigator two weeks to make it available," Judge Blake-Powell said. Brown and Sutton were further remanded in custody until April 26.

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