Jasmine Deen’s dad upset about no murder charge

June 03, 2021
Lloyd Deen
Lloyd Deen
Jasmine Deen
Jasmine Deen

Lloyd Deen, father of missing visually impaired University of the West Indies student Jasmine Deen, said he is disappointed with news that the men held with his daughter's possessions will not be charged with murder.

Director of Public Prosecutions Paula Llewellyn made the ruling last Tuesday that the men, who were held with Jasmine's phone and debit card, would not face murder charges as the evidence brought against them doesn't hold much weight.

"Right now me nuh know wah fi say because after one year me did a hope say me ago hear someting good," said Deen. "So it really sad fi hear sey them ago go like that."

Tamar Henry , 40, and Gregory Wright, 36, have been charged with possession of identity information, eight counts of unauthorised access to data and simple larceny.

Henry was also charged with breaches of the Dangerous Drug Act. Since the two were held last June, which was a major breakthrough in the case, the police have not given any further updates.

Deen, however, said he still believes his daughter is alive. A missing person, under the Jamaican constitution, is only presumed dead after seven years.

"Me still nah give up hope because my daughter out there. Me just a wait and see what is gonna happen," he said. "Me nuh hear no police or nobody call me. The last time me hear from them a couple months ago but them say them a work."

Jasmine was last seen on February 27, 202O in Papine, St Andrew, clad in a white blouse and blue jeans. Her disappearance sparked widespread outrage, resulting in frantic searches. All have been futile.

"All 30 pickney a go missing and nobody nah hear nuttin at all 'bout them. This nuh right and it need fi stop," said Deen.

Meanwhile, the police are still appealing to anyone with information that might be helpful in their investigations to come forward.

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