Journeys: Holiday Inn, Montego Bay tops them all


October 05, 2015

Holiday Inn, MoBay tops them all

One of the great things about hosting shows and festivals worldwide is gaining new experience, meeting new people and being pampered at some of the greatest hotels around the globe.

While I have stayed at many different Holiday Inns, from Atlanta, to California and even Honolulu Hawaii, I can safely say my experience at Holiday Inn Montego Bay tops them all.

When the trip began, it was not my intention to stay or even write about the Holiday Inn, but after my late-night arrival and tranquil few hours, I couldn't resist.

Holiday Inn Montego Bay has all you expect from island resorts: water activities, parasailing, wakeboards, tubing, as well as added amenities such as nine-hole mini night golf, lit tennis courts, arcade and more.

What captured my attention immediately was the way the beach was lit up on this dark, stormy night. The sandy beaches pulled me in like a magnet to steel, even in those late hours.

As I listened to the live band in the background, what started off as a stressful end to a hectic week began as a calming weekend.

Walking around the resort, I saw so many things that made my heart smile. As you pass one area, you see families playing together in the playground, and the kids rocking out in the children's disco and movie room. Couples lined the beach looking as if they had met for the first time. As mushy as it sounds, there was a lot of love and joy in the air.

However, one thing that almost shifted the mood for me was the dinner serenade. I can't say the live singing during dinner was the best, or even remotely entertaining, but this resort made up for that with so much more.

For these reasons, I wanted to share this journey and say, if you need an absolutely fabulous place for you and your family to stay, next time you come to Montego Bay, check out the Holiday Inn.

New webisodes coming soon to the Jamaica Star YouTube and I'm on the hunt for someplace daring, so meet me right here next Monday to find out where I end up ... . Until next time; Get up, get out, and explore Jamaica!

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