My Confession: My man’s wife caught me wearing her clothes

March 13, 2020

Mi say, STAR, one time mi used to take a girl husband and mi nah guh tell nuh lie, mi did like show off because him use to spoil mi. Every weekend him use to carry a lot of snacks for my kids, and him always ensure say mi pocket a smile.

Him wife used to live in my FB messenger and mi used to cuss her dog rotten, and put up bare throw word songs. Mi always tell her say mi nah stop take her man, all when she threaten to beat mi.

Almost every day her husband would come in with goodies, whether it is a phone or a cologne, or so on. One day now, mi a travel go to an event overseas and mi tell him say mi never have enough money to buy new clothes, and him tell mi not to worry because him a guh buy mi some. Later that day him come home with a suitcase full a stuff.

Some a dem have on tag and the rest look fairly new. Some of them, especially the slippers, were a bit big but him say him misjudge mi size when him a buy them. Anyway, mi go weh and naturally mi take a whole heap a pics and post up on mi page. It didn’t take long after fi mi get shame. The man wife start tag mi in pics in her clothes.

STAR, mi say all of the fairly new clothes belong to her, down to the watch whe mi have on. No wonder the slippers were big because they were hers as well. She took my pictures and share them all over the internet. Mi shame like dog.

Down to the suitcase belong to the oman. The new clothes were also hers. The way mi shame, mi come off social media but all of my coworkers and everyone saw it. I was a big laughing stock, and when mi confront the man, him have the nerve to trace mi out and tell mi how mi ungrateful because all him was trying to do was help mi because mi did naked like bottle.

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