My Confession: I hid under the bed to catch my cheating boyfriend

February 21, 2020

STAR, I hid under the bed while my man cheated with another woman. I always heard rumours that he was cheating and I wanted to find out for myself. He always denied it, and would often ask me when he would get time to cheat, because I know his every move. I used to believe because he usually comes home on time and I never once saw a suspicious message in his phone.

One day, though, I was going through his drawer and I came across a pocketbook full of numbers. The name ‘good puss’ stands out in the book so I dialled the number, using his phone. ‘Good Puss’ was saved in his phone as ‘Stephen’. Mi almost drop dung and mi heart start race same time because mi realise say is must a gal him have. One morning, him a leave for work and mi see ‘Stephen’ a call him phone, and him ansa and say ‘yea dawg, you can forward yah now fi di ting?’

When him go bathe, mi tell him say mi gone work and go hide under we bed, and within minutes is a oman dat mi see walk in mi room. It look like a fi har place because she all go share out some food and start eat in mi bed. It never take long fi dem start do dem ting, and mi a tell yuh say one a di time mi tink the bed a guh drop dung pon mi.

Mi stay under there till dem finish and him carry her go bus stop. When him come back, I acted like I just got home, and STAR, you know say di man have the nerve to tell mi say him go do a little side hussle fi a few hours and just a reach back.

Him all tell mi how him tired because is a lot of weight him lift up. All now mi nuh say nothing to him because him aguh shock when him find out say mi and him good brethren a link.

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