My Confession: I messed myself while having sex

February 14, 2020

STAR, one time when mi was a teen, my bowels failed me while mi a have sex.

It was after mi take worm medicine and mi boyfriend never talk to mi again.

I was about 17 years old and lived in the country with my very old-fashioned mother.

Every year before school started, she would give me a dose of worm medicine and mi did fraid a worm bad.

One day she give me di medicine and mi throw it way and she find out, so the woman den stand up over me and make sure say mi drink about two cups.

The first day mi never pass out any worm and mi glad, but by the next day mi feel like mi wah do a number two but mi decide say mi a force it up.

That same day she left go market, and as usual mi bathe and mi neighbour teenage son come over and we say we a go tief little sex as usual.

We start do we ting and although mi a get the urge to go use the latrine, mi continue. But all hell broke loose when him turn mi backway.

It look like him ram mi too hard and mi start mess up miself same time. Next ting mi know it catch him too. Him run and bawl out fi murder and mi run outta mi clothes.

Mi keep outta him eyesight for days until him finally send a note with him sister come tell mi say mi sick him stomach and him no waan mi again.

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