In memory of ‘Supa Coop’ - Ruckus a Yaad honours Arif Cooper with upcoming staging

May 22, 2023
Arif Cooper
Arif Cooper

The organisers of Ruckus a Yaad are optimistic that it will become a mainstay on the events calendar in Jamaica through the delivery of top-class entertainment to its patrons.

The event, which was first staged at Sabina Park in Kingston last May, makes its grand return on Saturday, June 3, at Police Officers' Club on Hope Road in the capital city. Chief organiser Candy, of 6Pack Promotions, said the upcoming staging will be held in the memory of Arif 'Supa Coop' Cooper.

Patrons will be treated to an impressive line-up of selectors, which includes DJs Scientist, Chromatic Live, Bloodline Franco and Coppershot.

"Ruckus A Yaad is the ultimate commotion. Like its name, 'ruckus' means to create a commotion of great music at an affordable price. Our platform allows patrons to be 'hard ears' and create a ruckus in a disciplined and safe manner. We accomplish this by exposing our patrons to all genres of music. We like to say we have a 'little bit a dis and a little bit a dat' for everyone," Candy said.

The organiser told THE STAR that 'Supa Coop', who died suddenly in March, would have been part of the event had he been alive. The former musician, producer and broadcaster collapsed while on the job at a party at the Police Officers' Club in St Andrew on March 5. He was taken to hospital where he was pronounced dead.

"Arif was the first person I approached to hire for my event, and after speaking to him he expressed his interest in being a part of Ruckus. He said I approached him at the right time and called our meeting 'serendipity'," Candy said.

"He understood where I wanted to take Ruckus, and being a female just starting in this industry, he understood the many obstacles I would face," she added.

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