Valiant credits success to solid work ethic - Valiant credits success to solid work ethic

March 31, 2023

"Me nuh really talk much, 'cause work ethic talk fi you. Numbers talk," said dancehall young star Valiant about his steady rise through the music scene.

The artiste, who gave a surprise performance at the Shot List film festival last Sunday alongside his friend and collaborator Stalk Ashley, told THE WEEKEND STAR that while his recent success has been nothing short of meteoric, it can only be credited to his work ethic.

"We just a try fi keep unity inna the dancehall as the younger generation, and we just a keep focused and nah make nothing get to we," the Speed-Off singer explained. "When you see me zone out, a the music me a think bout, the next step weh me a come wid. Right now, when me up deh so a perform wid Stalk Ashley, me think 'bout the part two fi Narcissist (their collaboration). A suh me work."

Though battling a cold, Valiant delivered a melodic rendition of the single, where he and Stalk Ashley expertly manoeuvred pitch-changes and harmonies in the cool night air.

Speaking on his unique tone, he said, "A nuff years of practice and mastering my craft, 'cause a nuff years of disappointment. So we try master the craft inna different ways. So me used to sing reggae, now me start sing weh di people dem wah hear in a different tone, 'cause everybody a sing the same thing. But a how you sing it and put it towards the people dem fi really feel it."

Since Valiant uttered the phrase 'Katch e hat', his career has been like a runaway train. He told THE WEEKEND STAR that during those years in the shadows, his sheer love for music kept him humbly toiling away.

"Because me want it, a mi career. Same like how you wah be a soldier when you likkle bit, you just stay consistent and you just persistent same way, nuh matter wah people have fi seh. People a go always say things, people nuh really have a mind a dem own, dem just follow. So me as a person weh know weh me want and me have a family too, so me affi do the right thing and stay focused as the breadwinner. So nothing nuh too distract me still or frighten me," he said.

The Siance singer said that while holding his release dates close to his chest, his fans can expect an EP as well as collaborations with other dancehall heavyweights Vybz Kartel, Skillibeng and Skeng, as well as other international acts.

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