Macka B highlights positives of Rastafari

March 24, 2023
Macka B (left) and Kabaka Pyramid.
Macka B (left) and Kabaka Pyramid.

UK-based recording artiste Macka B has a new track titled If It Wasn't Fi Di Rasta, which is meant to highlight the positive impact Rastafari has had on Jamaican society and the power of conscious reggae music to change hearts and minds.

"The song is about how Jamaica would be a much more violent place if not for the words and culture of Rastafari. The positive messages and 'livity', and the emphasis on peace and love, give the youth an alternative to the negativity that we see in the world today," the artiste explained. The song comes on the heels of the recent controversy within the music fraternity over Valiant's song, Rasta.

"It wasn't planned, but it bridges the gap between opposing viewpoints, so we thought we ought to get it out," producer Amanda Ford highlighted.

The track appears on the 'Go With Jah' rhythm, which features artistes such as Daweh Congo, Samory I, and Micah Shemaiah. It is also a single from the upcoming Macka B Meets Samory I Showcase, a project that the artiste has been working on with the label.

"Samory I is an extremely promising, up-and-coming singer and I thought an established and esteemed DJ would make for a great showcase album, as used to be common in reggae music," Ford elaborated.

Taitu Records, which produced If It Wasn't Fi Di Rasta, was established in 2009 and has a host of hits, including the 'Report' and 'Kuff Again' rhythms, as well as many singles and compilations with artistes, including Yami Bolo, Aidonia and Masicka.

"I specialise in roots-reggae and dub, with a touch of dancehall. Don't get me wrong, I really enjoy dancehall, but I know for a fact that conscious reggae music can change not only hearts and minds, but [also] people's lives. It may sound crazy to some, but I'm living proof, and I know so many others whose lives have been touched by the inspiration and transformative power in conscious roots-reggae music," Ford said.

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