J'cans get to follow Dalton on X Factor ... TVJ get rights to air talent show

October 27, 2018
Dalton Harris
File Donovan Germain

Donovan Germain, mentor of Jamaican X Factor contestant Dalton Harris, believes that the airing of the talent show on local television will help motivate other young Jamaicans to push the boundaries in a bid to go for their goals.

"I look at it as young people becoming aware that they can accomplish these things. The story of success is really out there already and this was his dream; he is actually living his dream," he told The STAR.

Television Jamaica (TVJ) has acquired the broadcast rights to showcase the United Kingdom (UK) talent show. Harris is one of the hot favourites for this year's crown.


With more persons being able to tune in on TVJ, Germain feels it will help spur Harris on to further success.

"An awareness that Jamaicans are watching and keeping him in their thoughts should be an encouraging and motivating factor for him," Germaine said.

The live performance show schedule to be aired on Saturdays at 2: 25 p.m. and the results show to be broadcast at 2 p.m. on Sundays.

Claire Grant, the general manager of TVJ, told The STAR that once the team realised that Harris was going to be a contestant in the talent show, they tried to acquire the rights to air the programme.

However, the main concern was whether TVJ would be able carry a live simulcast, especially with the time difference between Jamaica and the UK.

"There is interest in Dalton being in the X Factor. It is special to Jamaica because a Jamaican is in it, one that Jamaica has a love affair with. He was a winner of Rising Star, the youngest winner," Grant told THE STAR.

Pointing to the nation's exploits in sports, music, and other cultural endeavours, she noted that TVJ is about showing Jamaicans home and aboard.

"Jamaica is an extremely special country. We are always punching above our weight and we take it for granted, but a lot of countries would love to do what we are actually doing," she said.

And with his protege showing off his talent on the world stage, Germain said that he is elated with the progress Harris has made and hopes that he will be crowned the winner.

"As his mentor, I am so proud of him. I know the journey that he has had to endure and I wish him all the best and that he will be victorious in all of this because this is a life-changing occurrence to get this kind of exposure," he said.

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