I stopped working to take care of my child, sick mother


November 18, 2015

I stopped working to take care of my child, sick mother

Hi STAR readers,

I have been reading THE STAR for years, but can't even find the money to buy a STAR now. I strongly believe that I should get the chance to have my bills cleared because I had to stop work to look after my daughter who has Down Syndrome and my mother who is sick with her heart. All of this is a financial burden. It is a struggle for me as I'm not even on a budget. The last bill I got from JPS was for $79,000, and $15,000 for water. I'm not sure how much the light bill reaches right now because they stopped sending the bill. I'd appreciate it very much if I am the winner of the bill free month.


Wouldn't you like to be bill free for a month?

Well, THE STAR has the answer to that question with our new competition called 'Bill Free'.

As the 'People Paper', we have been around for decades and we have also seen the plight of ordinary Jamaicans. So, in this bill payment competition, 'Bill Free', we want to help some of our readers to pay their bills on a monthly basis.

Simply write to THE STAR at starbillfree@gmail.com or send a message to our Facebook page, Facebook.com/JamaicaStar, giving details of your financial struggles, disclose you bill amount for the month and tell us why we should assist you.

After the entries have been shortlisted, the stories will be published in THE STAR and posted on our Facebook page. Thereafter, the public will have a chance to decide who is most in need.

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