Single father needs help


November 11, 2015

I a fellow Jamaican and user of THE STAR saw this bill payment competition, 'Bill Free' and decided to enter it because I am really in need of financial help. I am in a crisis right now. My family will help once in a while yes, and I thank them for that, but I would be glad if THE STAR me this once.

I have a menial job, salary is low and as I get my pay, the money is finished right away. I cannot get to save or do anything else other than pay bills. All of my cash is going into bills - water bill, Internet bill, food bills, and it's the rent most of all that saps me out of my little cash. It's really hard, everyday I pray to God too help me, that I just get a little help. It's even back to school, my little youth is in high school and the expenses are VERY high, I don't know how am I going to manage all of this.

My bill amount for the month will be approximately be close to J$40,000 excluding the back-to-school expenses. Let me break it down into details for my bills. Rent is $10,000, Internet is $3,000, water is $3,000 and food and other household items is $24,000. After my bills are paid, mi bruk, can't even save a $5,000 fi put in my bank book.

Sending my child to school is my number one priority, education is the key and I don't want him to be in my shoes when he gets older. His days are going to be worst than now, so I try my best as a father to send him to school and get him prepared for the future that lies ahead.

- S.B.

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