Mom wants me to move to America

November 15, 2021

Dear Pastor,

I am 27 years old and my grandmother raised me because when I was a child, my mother went abroad and did not come back until I was in my teens. She was like a total stranger to me. She got married in America. She used to send barrels home to Jamaica. I had lots of new clothes and shoes. That is all I could tell you about my mother. I did not meet my father until I was in my 20s. He never took care of me. I knew his name and I tried to reach out to him, but he didn't pay me any mind.

When I met him, he told me that I have three sisters and a brother. I met them all. But we have never lived as a family. My mother told me that she has been divorced twice and she does not want to live in America until she is old. But she wants me to get the chance to live in America. So, she said I should find someone in America to marry me. I am not interested in doing so because I have a girlfriend and we have two children together. I can't walk away from her just to live in America and she has not done me anything.

My grandmother agrees with me, but my mother feels that I don't have any ambition and that time will pass me by. I met my children's mother at the place where we both worked. When she got pregnant, she came to live with me. I really love her. What do you think we should do?

Initials Withheld

Dear Writer,

Your mother is in no position to give advice when it comes to family life. She has not played the role of a good mother. She should keep quiet. It is true that she sent a barrel every year. But you will always remember that she did not spend any time with you when you were growing up. I suggest that you marry your children's mother and that you do so as soon as possible.


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