Sold sex to my father’s friend for $100,000 ... now I am pregnant

November 09, 2021

Dear Pastor,

I am 23 years old and I am pregnant. The man who got me pregnant is a good friend of my father. But, my father doesn't know that I got pregnant by his friend. He thinks that it is my boyfriend who got me pregnant. My boyfriend thought that he was the one who got me pregnant but when he did his calculations, he came to me and said that it was impossible for me to be carrying his child. He knows that we were not having sex during the time the doctor said I became pregnant. I lied and told him that the doctor is wrong because I haven't had sex with anybody else.

I asked my boyfriend if he knew any other man in my life and he said no. I said, "Well, the child is yours." I had sex, however, with my father's friend when he came to the house one day and both of us were alone. I took the opportunity to tell him about my needs and he asked if my boyfriend doesn't help, and I told him yes, but it is not enough. We talked about different things and then he asked how much money I needed and I told him that I needed $100,000. I told him that I would give my father some of the money and buy a few things that I needed. He asked me if he could get something from me and I asked him like what. He said I am a big girl so I should understand what he means. He said he wanted a wife from me. He then asked if I don't know what he means when he said 'I want a wife from you', and I said no. Then he said he wanted sex. I told him that was not a problem because I needed the money. He said that I will have to keep my mouth, that I can't let anybody know that he asked me for sex, and I told him again that wouldn't be a problem.

He told me that he would come back to see me when I am alone. I told him when I was going to be alone again, but I didn't know that he was serious. I made sure that I was at home. When he came, he didn't drive. We went into my room and then I told him that I changed my mind. He asked me why I allowed him to withdraw the money and I am not going through with our plans.

Pastor, he showed me the $100,000. He tried to kiss me and I pulled away. Then he told me he was going to leave. I asked him to give me the money as a loan, and he said no, because that was not the plan. As he was leaving, I pulled off my underwear and told him to come. We had sex for about half an hour and I started to cry and he left.

I wasn't even thinking that the man did not use a condom. So here I am pregnant by my father's friend. My boyfriend is still around and he is trying to help me. But I have not told him who got me pregnant. He said he doesn't trust me again and I can't blame him. My father's friend told me that I should not call his name but he would support the child. Every time I see him come to the house, my spirit gets crossed because I know that, although I let him into this thing, he did not have to get me pregnant. Every day I am hoping that I could convince my boyfriend to let me register the child in his name. Please give me your advice.


Dear S.,

This man who impregnated you is a wicked man. He did not have to ask you for sex. If he wanted to assist you financially, he could have done so. I know that you behaved like you are easy to get and he took you on. But he should have remembered the type of relationship your father and he have had for many years.

Your boyfriend knows that you are lying to him and right now, he could walk away from you, but he is still hanging around. You will be very fortunate if he allows you to register this child in his name. You have let down yourself and your boyfriend. Indeed, the Bible is right, the love of money is the root of all evil. You told me why you wanted the $100,000 but I am not going to publish that. Your boyfriend will always have something in his mind against you. I hope he will totally forgive you or move on.


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