I can’t keep up with my young girlfriend

October 07, 2021

Dear Pastor,

I am 45 years old and my wife is 23. When I met her, I realised that I was taking a risk but everything went so fast. We talked for a month and then she came by for the weekend with a little bag and she never went back home. I didn't tell her to leave either because the situation at her house was not pretty. There were three girls sleeping on the same bed and two brothers on another bed. But they were all in the same room so she was glad to leave and come to my house.

My children's mother and I had broken up because she was cheating on me and she was in her 30s. It is not something I expected from her but it happened and I had proof that she was cheating because the children told me and even described the man she used to go with. I told myself that if she, at her age can cheat, I can take chances with a younger girl.

This young girl has been around. She admitted that she has had 10 guys in her life and she could tell me everything she likes about different ones. As I talked about it, I told myself it is better for her to tell me everything than to hide the things from me and then I find out.

My problem now is that I am having a very firm erection but I can't keep up with her and I have to be telling her to let me rest. She loves to play games in bed. She has showed me that I need not worry that she is going to cheat on me. I told her that whenever she is ready she can go but I know she is not going anywhere because she has a comfortable place to live and I don't hold back giving her anything she wants.

My friends who know her told me I am robbing the cradle. I know you are going to tell me that she is too young for me and many people who read this letter are going to say the same thing. When my children's mother cheated on me I did nothing to cause her to cheat. She was just a bad woman. This girl is not bad but I expect her to get tired of me because I might be robbing the cradle but I can't rock the cradle as I should.


Dear R.B.,

I am sorry to hear that your children's mother cheated on you and as a result both of you separated. Some people might say that you should not have established a relationship with this young woman. You are by far her senior and you might have put yourself into problems. The young lady sees you as someone to take care of her for a while. I don't believe that she sees you as a husband. She sees you more as some sort of partner who can pay her bills and give her shelter and food.

You said a few things in your letter that I will not publish but I wish to be careful because it is not right for me to give you the impression that I am condemning you. I knew a hard-working businessman who got involved with am American tourist. When she returned home, he went up and married her and brought her back to Jamaica. When she was finished with him he lost everything including his business. A man must always keep his head on his body, especially when it comes to relationships.

Your friends are right that you are robbing the cradle but that cradle must be very strong, because if she has had so many men in her life and she is still standing, she knows what to do to keep her strength. Brother, I wish you well. Take care of your children and remember that you are responsible for the things that you do and don't allow this girl to ruin your life. That is all I have to say.


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