My boyfriend knows I’m a prostitute

September 10, 2021

Dear Pastor,

I am 26 and maybe you won't believe me, but I have gone to bed with many men. Some are twice my age, but I always wanted more from them.

I enjoy making love with older men. Some of the young guys do freaky stuff, but some of them don't have much money to give me. The older men don't consider it a big thing to give me $10,000 at times. Before the lockdown I used to make up to $20,000 in one night; that is why I can't just keep one boyfriend. I have one who considers himself to be my boyfriend, but sometimes I have to help him with money because he is not in a stable job. He lives in a one-bedroom apartment which belongs to his oldest sister. She told him he could live there and protect the place, so I am there with him and he told her about me. When my clients are coming to see me, he stays in his car in the car park until they are gone. He knows that I have to do my work. He is very cooperative. Sometimes I go home and stay with my mother. She is very poor, and she has five of us for three different men. Men didn't treat her well. She is still paying rent. I am hoping to buy a house for my mother. You may wonder if I am not afraid to have sex with so many different men; the answer is no. I protect myself and I see my doctor often, and everyone has to use the condom. But I do have clients who have sex with me without the condom. They are married, I am like their side chick. You may see me as a bad girl, but giving men what they want is my job. I trust my mother. I told her how I live and she does not condemn me. I do not want to do this work forever, because I would love to have a family.

I don't want daughters because of what my mother went through, and how I have to live. So I would like to have sons. I have a plan that when I turn 30, I would love to stop 'selling'. I am saving very hard, and I am hoping that some of these older men will help me get a house of my own. I have a lovely body, and my boyfriend loves me and would do everything for me. His sister is planning to visit Jamaica in December and when she comes, I will stay with my mother and make sure that her apartment is in top condition. Some of the girls I went to school with have children, but I am not ready to have children. I will be looking in THE STAR for your response, but please don't condemn me.


Dear C.,

You have warned me not to condemn you and I will not do so, but what I would like to say is that I am indeed sorry for you. You are very proud of what you are doing, but unless you stop your way of life, I am sure you are going to regret selling your body. There must be another way for you to live. Many woman who engage in prostitution have told me it is very difficult to live that way and it is hard work. They have also told me that they are eager to get out of that way of life. You have set your plans. You want to stop selling yourself when you are 30 because you would like to have at least two children.

You are also hoping that by that time you will be able to purchase your own home. Your so-called boyfriend is fortunate to have you living with him in his sister's apartment. I hope that you are saving your money if you are going with so many men. You should begin to look for a steady job now. Perhaps what you should do is consider taking courses with HEART and prepare yourself for the future.

Consider what I have said and act upon it. You said that you are a really beautiful woman. Remember, you will not always remain beautiful. You are going to age, and men will not always find you attractive.


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