Mother-in-law wanted my husband to cheat

August 13, 2020

Dear Pastor,

I have been married for the past five years and I'm having a problem. I was not able to have a child.

This problem doesn't bother my husband because he says that when God is ready for us to have a child, if he wants us to have one, in due time, he will.

The problem is my mother-in-law. Every day she pressures me to give her a grandchild, but my husband said I shouldn't pay any attention to her because he is the one making love to me and he is okay. His mother even called me a mule. My husband came home and saw me crying and he asked what my problem was and I ignored him.

Pastor, my husband didn't sleep the entire night because I did not tell him why I was crying. When I eventually did, he was very angry and I told him it was okay, but it wasn't.

I heard her conversation with her son about getting another woman to bear him a child, and he disagreed and walked away.

His mother brought in a young woman to stay at the house, but when my husband is back from work each day, he does not even turn his head in the young woman's direction.

Now I am pregnant, but my birthday is close so I'm wondering if I should wait until my birthday to tell my husband that I'm pregnant.

I don't want to tell him to put out his mother because I would be very out of order and rude.

But with her in my husband's house, my life is like hell. Please, I'm awaiting your advice as soon as possible.


Dear A.S.,

You have a wonderful, faithful husband, one who loves you with his entire being and you need to give God thanks for such a man.

Not only does he believe in God, but he trusts God. I wish we had more men like your husband. On the contrary, you have a very wicked and disgusting mother-in-law.

Nothing about her is good. One could excuse her from being anxious to see you pregnant, but one cannot excuse her for bringing another woman into your house to entice your husband.

You have been married for just five years and your mother-in-law called you a mule. No wonder so many women have very little to do with mothers-in-law.

I must repeat that your husband is a very good man and he loves you because some men would have listened to their mothers, and had sex with the girl his mother brought home.

I am glad to hear that you have got pregnant. How can you keep this as a secret from your husband? Your birthday is coming up but you should not wait to tell your husband.

From the time it was confirmed by the doctors you should have told your husband the good news.

Keep a bottle of non-alcoholic drink, ready on ice, ready to share with your husband. So prepare to do so today.

Concerning whether or not your mother-in-law should be living at the house, if it is at all possible, your husband should try and make provisions for her to live elsewhere.

If she has other children, they should put money together and rent a room with all conveniences for her to live.

Because even if you forgive her for all the things she said, you will not be totally comfortable having her in the same house with you.

If it is not possible for your husband to put her somewhere else to live, he should find her a live-in job or even to do day's work.

She is too wicked. And I hope that by now, the young woman she brought to the house has left. I wish you the very best in life.


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