My husband migrated and got married

June 01, 2020

Dear Pastor,

I wish you the best of health. I was reading the letter of the young lady whose boyfriend got married without her knowledge. A few months ago, I also read of a female who had similar issues. I was with the father of two of my children for 12 years, until he got married last November without my knowledge. He was always foreign-minded and up until last year April, he told me he was going to leave Jamaica because he wanted the best for me and all my children.

I told him to go ahead, but I thought it was doing a business marriage that would not be permanent. If it was to be a marriage that would give him the opportunity to go abroad, it would not be a problem.

Upon the dawning of 2019, the Holy Ghost led me into fasting and prayer because it felt like there was a burden on my life. It was this that gave me strength to still be in my right mind when I found out about the marriage and that it was the real deal; although I believe that all marriages, once signed and consummated, are real. We were both in church when I got pregnant with my first child. I have faced a lot in my life, especially through the duration of the relationship, but God never left me.

Sir, when I found out that this man, whom I gave so much for, even when he lost his job twice, got married and didn't have the manners to sit and talk to me, I fell on my knees. But the tears wouldn't come because, again, the Spirit came to me and reminded me that I was warned that something big was about to happen.

I thank God that He prepared me for the worst because I am still in my right mind today; and I have not cried for this man, because when a man truly loves his family he will stand by his woman and fight life. What got me upset was the fact that he started to put things into place to file for my first son without asking me if that's what I wanted.


Just like you said, other people say the same thing - business marriages are not something good to do. They do not always turn out to be what they were intended. I want to encourage this young girl to pray, earnestly believing that God is able to help her. That's all I know to do. God saw that I was holding on to this man more than I am trying to fix my life in church, so He allowed him to remove himself out of my life.

I was usually upset and bitter while we were together because he cheated and lied, and I kept going back to him. But now I am currently focused on a stronger bond with the Lord, while I grow my children in His fear. When this man was leaving the island, he told me that I could leave my job when he starts to send money to me, but I had more sense than that. I will stand and fight for me and my children, with or without a man, because I have gotten a wake-up call and I know God has a purpose for my life.


Dear S.,

Thanks for sharing your story with my readers. Evidently, you are a woman of faith, and what your children's father has done to you has strengthened your faith and made you stronger. But I think I should also add that you exercised common sense. Your children's father did not intend to continue the relationship he had with you. He lied and told you that he was doing a business marriage, but that was far from the truth. As you said, you found out that it was the real deal.

This man is so rude, having abandoned you; he wanted to split the family by filing for one of the children. You are a wise woman; you did not allow him to do so.

May I ask you to carry on your ministry of prayer and fasting. And as you go to prayer, remember me in your prayers. May God bless you.


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