Samuda wants stiffer penalties for child abusers

November 30, 2021
Karl Samuda, minister of labour and social security.
Karl Samuda, minister of labour and social security.

Minister of Labour and Social Security Karl Samuda says there should be stiffer penalties in place for child labour and child abusers that should act as a deterrent for those who continue to abuse our children.

According to Minister Samuda, abuse is an impediment to the development of children, which leads to them not unlocking their full potential.

"It stymies the natural growth path of a child to be preoccupied with having to work at times just to survive. That, additionally, is hard enough, especially for those children from challenged communities. Penalties bring results and, if we adopt that approach against the background of identifying where the incidence of child abuse occurs, then it would make our jobs easier and give the children a better opportunity to excel," Samuda said.

He was delivering the keynote address at the 2021 Child Labour Online Poster Competition Awards Ceremony put on by the ministry in Kingston at the weekend.

The labour and social security minister said that Jamaica cannot afford to lose the talents of its youngsters.

"I know the extent and I feel it in my heart and all my body, the extent to which Jamaica has been set back by not being able to provide maximum protection because of one reason or another. But I want everyone to understand that the efforts of our teachers and the professionals engaged in education are unspared in trying to curtail this problem and to lay a pathway that will give encouragement, and will ensure that we get back to normal as quickly as possible," Samuda said.

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