Woman beater to pay $50,000

June 11, 2021

A man was ordered to pay $50,000 to his babymother for wounding her when he appeared in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court yesterday.

Dwayne Miller entered a guilty plea for unlawful wounding. The court heard that on May 28, at 7:45 a.m., Miller and the complainant got into a heated argument which escalated to a fight.

It is reported that Miller punched her all over her body causing injuries. The complainant, who is the mother of Miller's three children, told the judge that it was not the first time he had laid hands on her, but it was the first time she was pressing charges against him as one of the children witnessed the fight. The complainant said she wanted to take out a restraining order against Miller.

"We had a fight, Your Honour, but after all of that, Sir, she hit me in my head with a pipe three times, so she had to defend herself," Miller told the court.

Remanded in custody

"You saying she defended herself but that is saying to me that she had to defend herself because you were attacking her. The words come out of your mouth a while ago you know. You know you just pleaded guilty," Chief Parish Judge Chester Crooks said. Miller was remanded in custody for 50 minutes awaiting sentencing.

Crooks wanted a social enquiry report on Miller but was told by probation officers that one could not be prepared before September. Crooks reasoned that would be a lengthy time for the accused to spend in custody and presented the option of compensation.

"I need some money for the lady's medical expenses Mr Miller. Are you willing to pay compensation for her medical expenses? How much are you willing to offer?" Crooks asked.

Miller agreed that he was willing to compensate her $50,000. He is expected to return to court on June 18 with the sum.

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