Will you take the vaccine for cash?

June 11, 2021
James McLean
James McLean
O’Brian Vassell
O’Brian Vassell
Joyce O’Connor
Joyce O’Connor

With 75 per cent of COVID-19 deaths in Jamaica occurring among persons 60 years and over, the Government is offering an incentive of $10,000 to seniors who get inoculated against the novel coronavirus. THE WEEKEND STAR asked some seniors in the Corporate Area whether they would take the jab now that there is a financial incentive.

Deloris Mills, 79

"Mi nah take no vaccine but dem can give me the money. Mi still young and fresh and nuh have any complaint and next ting mi take it and drop dung dead. Nobody nah guh say is COVID do it, dem a guh seh is old age. Ten thousand dollars is not nothing fi Government give we because a nuff we give dem. Mi want di likkle money still."

Rowe Nugent, 69

"I am 69 and I never get a dollar from the Government suh mi nuh suppose to haffi take a vaccine fi get likkle money from dem. Mi nah say mi wouldn't take the money but mi nuh waah the Government feel like dem can buy we out. I personally am not sure if mi a guh take the vaccine but mi a guh gwan watch."

Joyce O'Connor, 76

"Mi have a son who say mi shouldn't take the vaccine because it a kill off people, but I went with my faas self and took my first dose at the National Stadium, and although it did full, mi wait mi turn. Mi a guh tek my second dose later this month so if a it fi carry mi home, then so be it. Mi hear say we a get $10,000 and mi woulda glad fi it because mi broke and need it, but money or not mi a take my vaccine to protect myself."

James McLean, 68

"Mi want the money because mi broke and all if a less than that mi will gladly accept it. Mi already take the first dose and a go take the next one on June 18. Mi nuh fool fool so mi nah follow people and talk a bagga tings. When mi take the first dose mi never feel sick or anything. All mi do is sleep, but we have to be smart and have sense. We should take the vaccine because last year a just one person did carry it come here and look here, is almost 1,000 persons dead from it so COVID is not a ting to play with. It nah run nuh joke with people, it is a weapon of mass destruction."

O'Brian Vassell, 70

"Ten thousand dollars anno money. A nuff money Government owe mi because mi damage two a my cars inna politics fi dem and mi nuh get back a cent. Mi a plan to take di vaccine, but mi a gwan wait because I want to know how others react to it first. I am a hard believing 'Tom' so anno everything people seh me a guh believe until mi see results myself."

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