Made love to a one-legged woman

March 05, 2021

STAR, mi say there was this girl in my community that I had the biggest fetish for. She was really beautiful and had a Coca Cola bottle shape, well almost because she lose one of her leg in an accident.

She wears a prosthetic leg and mi brethren dem use to say although she pretty, dem would not go bed with her because of her disability. Mi never care weh dem say and all when people say she walk side way like crab mi still a look her. To make a long story short, all of the nights weh mi spend talking to her on the phone pay off and mi go link her one day.

STAR mi say when mi reach in di bedroom, the girl just take off the false foot and throw in a one corner and jump on me. Mi frighten bad and think she a go lose her balance, but she move like a four foot she have. Mi say she gwaan with herself yuh si. When we ready to change up di style, me never have to help her or anything.

Di girl just bad inna bed and to be honest, she gwaan better than a lot of the two-foot women that mi sleep with. Afterwards mi realise say a never just a fetish mi did have fi har, mi actually like her, so mi go back and tell mi brethren dem sey mi into her and how she make love sweet. Dem laugh after mi but mi never care. But guess wah? Mi and her link fi about two years until mi realise say she cheat on me with one a di same man dem who use to bun her out.

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