Woman cries foul in alleged ‘chicken scam’

February 23, 2021

Anushka Dacosta is now trying to locate a man whom she believes scammed her of $97,000 which was handed over to start a chicken farm.

She told THE STAR that she and her mother decided to venture into the livestock business, but not having much experience, turned to a man they knew for advice.

"He said he used to raise chicken for a while but he is not doing it anymore so it wouldn't be a problem for him to raise the chicken for us," she said. They gave an initial payment of $24,000 to the man last October. "I ensured I brought a receipt book and have him sign for it each time I give him (money)," she said.

300 chicks

For the first month, business seemed to be going well, until Dacosta decided to visit the farm where the man said he had 300 chicks in St Catherine.

"All him a say is when we ready to come, he will direct us. The day me decide to go down there me can't get him. Days a pass and me not hearing from him and him stop text me. Him gone off WhatsApp and when me or mommy try to call, it just say number unavailable," she said. "December was the last time we heard from him so we start call family members and check around and everybody is saying they don't hear from him and we have been trying to call since and nothing. Me just need to find this man because he took a lot of our money and times are rough right now."

- A.D.

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