JPS says estimated bills down by 20%, targets further reduction

January 19, 2021

The Jamaica Public Service (JPS), says it has seen a significant improvement in its guaranteed standards performance, having realised a 20% reduction in the number of estimated bills over the period January to December 2020. 

According to JPS, less than 5% of the company’s customers are estimated on a monthly basis.

From a customer base of over 680,000 customers, only about 29,000 customers are now receiving estimates, down from 37,000 a year ago. 

JPS says it will be taking steps to further reduce estimates in 2021

The fall in estimated bills is due to a number of initiatives undertaken by JPS, including: the continued installation of smart meters, more direct communication with customers to facilitate ease of access to meters, and heightened account monitoring.

The initiatives to reduce estimates were designed to directly address the challenges faced in reading some customers’ meters. 

These include: meters being inaccessible, impassable terrain, the presence of bad dogs, locked gates and a number of other factors.

In such situations, the account is estimated using the average of the last three actual readings. The account is updated once actual data is received.

“The improvement in our performance on the service standards is just one area of focus.  The use of technology has contributed greatly to the progress we are making, and will play a big part in the initiatives that we plan to roll out in 2021,” said Ramsay McDonald, Senior VP Customer Services.

"We anticipate that our performance in 2021 will be even better than last year, as we respond more directly to the needs of our customers," he added.

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