Five nabbed in major drug bust off the coast of Alligator Pond

December 03, 2020

Five men have been charged in relation to a major drug bust which occured off the coast of Alligator Pond, St. Elizabeth on Monday, November 23.

The men have been charged with offences of possession of ganja, dealing in ganja, taking steps preparatory to export ganja and use of conveyance to transport ganja by the narcotics police.

Charged are:

- Twenty-eight-year-old Loshene Sibbles, a construction worker of Newton district, St Elizabeth

- Twenty-three-year-old George Shakespeare, a farmer of Cattaboo district, St. Elizabeth

- Forty-six--year-old Henry Salmon, a farmer of Haughton district, St. Elizabeth

- Sixty-three-year-old James Singh, a fisherman of New Green district, Manchester

- Forty-five-year-old Erron Blake, a fisherman of Braes River district, also in St. Elizabeth.

Police reports are that about 6 p.m., members of the Jamaica Defence Force Coast Guard intercepted a vessel off the coast of Alligator Pond with the five men aboard.

The vessel was searched, and 57 bags containing compressed ganja weighing approximately 3,008 pounds were seized.

The contraband and the men were handed over to the narcotics police, who commenced investigations.

According to the police, the drugs have an estimated street value of JMD 12,032,000.

The men are scheduled to appear before the St. Elizabeth Parish Court on Friday, December 4.

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