Bobby-Gale could get prosthetic leg by Christmas

September 16, 2020
Bobby-Gale and mom, Kemeisha Williams.
Bobby-Gale and mom, Kemeisha Williams.

Paul LeFever indicated he would love to get his daughter Bobby-Gale a prosthetic leg for her 11th birthday, on April 6 next year, but, with the help of the KaGra Foundation, she could get her leg for Christmas.

Bobby-Gale, whose story was carried in THE STAR on August 8, was diagnosed with bone cancer in February, and one of her legs had to be amputated.

Derry-Ann Morgan-Allen, founder of the KaGra Foundation, said there would be a virtual 5K race to raise funds to assist three children diagnosed with cancer, one of whom is Bobby-Gale. "The KaGra Foundation is a non-governmental organisation and what we do is love people because we do believe that love is a verb and we go out and find people who need help. We have been searching every hospital in Jamaica for six months for a child that needs help but we just couldn't find one, and then we found out about Bobby-Gale," said Morgan-Allen.

The virtual 5K race is themed 'My Reggae Run: Breast Cancer Edition' and Morgan-Allen said she is seeking to raise at least US$20,000 for the three children.


"We have a sponsor that will be making age-appropriate wigs because Bobby-Gale has lost her hair because your hair will be part of your identity, especially to remind them of what it's like having their hair. We have a lot in store for them," Morgan-Allen said.

The KaGra Foundation would also be providing educational assistance for Bobby-Gale, as she has missed some time at school due to being in the hospital for cancer treatment.

"We're planning to buy her flash cards and reading books so that we can create a little classroom at home so she can be excited about learning. Hopefully, we can get the chance to visit Jamaica by the end of November, early December to present her with the stuff," said Morgan-Allen.

Bobby-Gale's parents are grateful for the overwhelming support they have received from the public and the assistance from KaGra Foundation.

"I'm grateful because of the pandemic, I'm now home and I have a strong belief that the Foundation will come through for us," said her mother Kemeisha Williams.

Morgan-Allen is calling for more Jamaicans to come on board as sponsors for the virtual fund-raiser.

"I'm Jamaican, and this organisation does more in Jamaica than anywhere else in the world. I'd love to have the endorsement and support from the reggae fraternity. We do so much when we come together and there's no reason why Bobby-Gale can't get a prosthetic leg from all of us," she said.

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