Entrepreneur donates money to feed quarantine kids

March 18, 2020
Nordia Brown
Nordia Brown

On Monday, entrepreneur Nordia Brown thought her children were being ungrateful as they sat around the dining table complaining about their food.

In that moment, an idea sparked. Brown decided to give up $100,000 over a period of 10 days, geared towards assisting parents whose children need food during this 'quarantine and chill' period, brought on by the COVID-19 outbreak in Jamaica.

"I said to them (her children) 'We are not going to the grocery store to get anything else. As a matter of fact, we're going to use the money to give to persons who don't have it'," said Brown. "And then, my husband said that would be a good idea."

She made the announcement on her Instagram page that night. She was shocked at the number of responses.

"I woke up to like 198 messages ... within like 12 hours. I never expected that," she said. "So many persons have been messaging me and the stories are getting sadder and it's just too much sadness," she said.

Yesterday, Brown selected the first of the 10 lucky people.

"She's a cancer patient, she has a child and she's not able to work. So I transferred the money to her today. She was happy. She sent me a voicenote crying and saying she really appreciated it. She was excited and appreciative," Brown said.

She revealed that persons are still sending messages, even though she has already chosen the 10. She wishes she could do much more to help people in such a trying time.

"I wish I was in a better position to help more people. But it does feel good knowing that at least one child is eating because of me," she said.

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