Buchanan calls for water for Eastern Westmoreland

March 13, 2020

Luther Buchanan, member of parliament (MP) for Eastern Westmoreland, is calling for water in various sections of the parish.

This request comes days after reports of Jamaica's second confirmed case of the COVID-19 coronavirus.

Buchanan told THE WEEKEND STAR that the water issue is widespread, as there are various areas in the parish that are currently without running water.

"We need all the lines in Eastern Westmoreland to be charged with water. There are areas without piped water ... St Leonards, sections of Amity, Bethel Town, Petersville, sections of Whitehouse. If these lines are charged, adequate funding must be in place for the consistent trucking of water so that residents can frequently wash their hands," he said.

He said that the people need water to be able to follow the Ministry of Health and Wellness' precautions "because of this corona thing, there is fear among the people, and since the Ministry of Health, rightfully so, has indicated that the washing of hands is among safe measures, apart from isolation."

"If there is a shortage of water, it is going to limit how you wash your hands and it is going to increase the risk of coronavirus; God forbid there is a localised case," he added.

Buchanan says the water issue has been ongoing for a long period. But now, the health of the residents are on the line.

"We have been without water in Bethel Town for quite some time now and of course there was a response where we got some money for the trucking of water. I would never say we got nothing, but this need for water it is to respond to what the demand is for this heightened awareness. It needs to be addressed right now," he said.

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