Him lie bad - St Mary woman rubbishes story of teen who asked for help

March 06, 2020
Francis claims to be the mother of Malik Walker.
Francis claims to be the mother of Malik Walker.

On Thursday when one of Angella Francis' friends showed her a photograph and an article with son Malik Walker telling THE STAR that he was an orphan, she got an instant headache.

The 18-year-old had told the news team that he had never knew his parents because they died very early in his life, and the only real relative he knew was his grandmother who passed away in 2017. But Francis said that she last saw her son a few months ago.

"Mi can't believe him go tell the world say him parents dead and him only know stories of our death, when mi alive and well and he know this. Christmas Day was mi birthday and him did deh here with mi and him leave after because him nuh like stay one place. It better him say him a look help but don't tell any lie say mi dead. Right now only God know how mi feel because mi head a hurt mi and mi body feel weak," she said.

Walker had expressed an interest in becoming a chef and is also pursuing courses, but said that he had to stall because he was lacking the cash and resources.

Francis said she met Walker's stepfather when she was pregnant, but the man fell in love with Malik and took him to live with his mother in St Thomas.

Francis said there was a 'tug-of-war' between them for Malik, but "I was sick at the time so I couldn't fight the way I want," she said.

She admitted that she eventually allowed them to keep Malik for a time. But she said that she eventually gained custody of Malik after she sought the intervention of the Child Protection and Family Services Agency.

"I was the one who even hear say him 'grandmother' dead and come tell him. He was living with me at the time. Is my son and I can tell anyone that if him ever tell lie on yuh, prison nuh miss you. Mi nah go be like some mother who pretend say dem pickney a angel. Mi love him like how mi love mi other three children but him lie bad," she said.

Francis said that she has been trying her best with Malik but he's a handful.

"Him nuh have no abiding city. Him deh all bout because him don't know how to satisfy and mi always tell him say if a one banana, make we eat it and go we bed; but him nuh waan that," she said. "Mi nuh like what him doing ... him can't expect say God a go help you and a tell dem drastic lie deh. It hurt mi to mi heart. Mi feel like mi a go faint, mi belly bottom a drop out," she said.

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