GOD TO THE RESCUE - Aaliah said she kept praying for baby’s return

January 24, 2020
Nyyear Frank at five weeks old.
Nyyear Frank at five weeks old.
Nyyear Frank
Nyyear Frank
Aaliah Wray, mother of Nyyear Frank.
Aaliah Wray, mother of Nyyear Frank.

Aaliah Wray said she fasted and prayed for her son to come home. The 17-year-old mother had been a nervous wreck after her five-week-old son, Nyyear Frank, was snatched from her arms on Rousseau Road, Kingston, on October 13, 2019.

A baby boy, who Wray is convinced to be her baby, was found on Wednesday at a house on Finch Cresent, a community off Waltham Park Road in Kingston.

"I was doing a 40-day fasting and Wednesday was day 10. I can't wait to take my son home," she said.

A 21-year-old woman was taken into police custody. Charges are yet to be laid against her.

Currently in state care, Baby Nyyear is expected to be reunited with Wray shortly. DNA tests have been done to determine if the child is indeed Nyyear, but Wray is convinced that she has found her baby.

Young Nyyear is one of three newborns stolen last year. Two of those babies have since been reunited with their parents. Aaliah will get Nyyear if DNA tests prove that the baby is the one to which she gave birth.

Sinclair Hutton, father of baby Sae'breon, who was stolen from Jubilee hospital last January just hours after he was born, told THE WEEKEND STAR that he is overjoyed that Nyyear has been reunited with his birth mother.

"It was just Monday of this week that I was speaking about the situation with my babymother, and as always we were both praying she got back her baby. I am really, really happy that she has been reunited because I know first-hand how devastating the situation is," he said.

Hutton stated that the feeling of being reunited with his son is almost indescribable.

"It would a come in like you have a billion dollar and lost it, and you start wonder how you a guh get back that money, then somebody just come knock yuh door and seh, 'Si yuh billion dollar here'. Bwoy, mi a tell yuh that it's a feeling out of this world, man. Mi really happy for her man. Going forward, mi just a encourage her to be more careful and trust no one," he said.

Aaliah was tipped off, via social media, that a baby, which could be hers, was at the address in question. She alerted the police and the infant was picked up and taken into state care.

Aaliah said that she was filled with emotions after seeing her baby for the first time since he was stolen on October 13, 2019.

"The first thing my baby did when he saw me was smile. He smiled at me and it was amazing. I started to tremble and cry. It was unbelievable. There aren't enough words to express how I am feeling. My son has been through so much and I know he is going to become someone really great in life," she said.

Reflecting on the past four months, Wray said that she was an emotional wreck, but tried to keep her head above waters as she was determined to find her son.

'"I am glad. God gave me the strength because a nuff time mi feel like mi did a go crazy. Every time my mother baby cried, I thought it was my baby. It was my nine-year-old sibling who help me from losing my sanity because he was always giving me joke," Wray said.

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