Salt River needs development

October 09, 2019
The bathing pool at Salt River in Clarendon.
The bathing pool at Salt River in Clarendon.

Small business operators who ply their trade at the Salt River Mineral Bath in Clarendon say that while the venue is a good place to do business, this year has not been the most profitable.

They blame the slow business on the rainy season and the construction of similar recreational entities.

Jahlena, who has been operating her business at the venue for more than two decades, told THE CENTRAL STAR that business fluctuates but noted that things are usually at their peak during the holidays and on Sundays.

With both locals and foreigners alike flocking the mineral bath during those times, Jahlena says locals account for a greater percentage of sales.

"A lot of foreign people come here, mostly like in summer and Christmas. Them love the water - them enjoy the water, then enjoy the food after," she said.

Audrey, who sells fruits at the location, stated that she had been forced to halt her business for a few weeks, saying that business was slow when it rained.

She said, however, that business was usually fruitful during the drier weather.

"Dry time it usually up and running. Salt River is very nice, good place for business," she said.

Another vendor who was busy attending to her fish and festivals told CENTRAL STAR that business at the recreational haven was good but added that there was need for development activities.

"When the rain fall it run down inna the mineral and dirty it up. When people come here sometimes them nuh waa bathe in it. It waa develop - maybe them can make a channel and send the water to the sea. Is a good mineral bath still, enuh, it just waa fix up," the vendor said.

Business operators at the rural attraction said that the water possesses healing properties.

"Me see man all come in a wheelchair and go in there and next time me see him, him a walk," said Jahlena. They shared that some persons come for the food and fun, while others come for healing. Early morning, you see oil pan the top [of the water]," added Jahlena.

In regards to crocodiles habitating the mineral bath, the vendors say such talk is mere rumour as they have never seen any of the infamous reptiles there.

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