Inmate on trial for stabbing cop

March 05, 2019


The trial of a St James man, who reportedly stabbed a police officer while he was in custody at the Freeport police lock-up in Montego Bay began in the St James Parish Court last Wednesday and will continue on March 27.

Toussaint Lewis, who is being represented by attorney-at-law Charles Sinclair, pleaded not guilty to the charges of unlawful wounding and assault at common law when he appeared before presiding judge Annette Austin.

Allegations are that on March 9, Lewis was in custody at the Freeport Police Station for an unspecified charge when a team of police officers, including the complainant, conducted a check of the cells in the lock-up.

While Lewis' cell was being inspected, a cell phone was found wrapped in a towel on a bunk bed. At that point, Lewis brandished a ratchet knife and attacked one of the officers before turning to the complainant and inflicting a wound.

During Wednesday's hearing, the injured officer gave testimony about how he had been wounded, even taking off his shirt at judge Austin's request to show where he had been stabbed.

Under cross-examination from Sinclair, the officer said that he only paid brief attention to the three other men who were in the cell with Lewis and that he had not maintained contact with the other officers since the incident.

After the officer's testimony ended, Austin set the case for continuation on March 27. Three other police witnesses are expected to give testimony on that date.

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