Woman charged with returning resident's murder

August 24, 2018

Intensive investigation by the St Catherine North police has resulted in the arrest and charge of Sadeen Green for the May 23, 2017 murder of a returning resident.

The victim is Fitz Albert Barnes, 67-year-old of a Young Street, Spanish Town, St Catherine, address.

Green was held in the Portmore Pines Plaza yesterday.

After being held on suspicion of murder, she was later charged with Barnes murder.

Reports are that on the day in question, Barnes' body was found wrapped in a comforter on his premises.

The body was removed and examined and it was revealed that Barnes died from trauma to the head caused by a blunt force object.

An investigation was launched which ended in the capture of the accused at her place of employment.

Green is to appear in the St Catherine Parish Court on September 4.

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