Kryme Rate calls for peace

September 26, 2023
Kryme Rate
Kryme Rate

Concerned about the number of triple murders being committed in Jamaica in September alone, emerging dancehall artiste Kryme Rate will be using his song, Too Much Killing, to promote peace, starting with in his Clarendon community Mullet Hall.

The song is featured on the 12- track Just for Peace album, which was released recently by US-based record producer, Michael 'Beatbopper' Hudgins.

"I am really annoyed by any report of loss of life, more so the number of triple murders taking place in Jamaica. This is nothing short of senseless killings, with women and even children among the victims," he shared. "These (killings) are happening too often. It is telling us the direction in which the country is moving, which cannot be described as right."

"We continue to promote the country as friendly, to attract visitors. But, we need to show that same love among our families and in our communities," he continued.

According to police reports, there were at least four triple murders since the start of 2023. The most recent was of two brothers and their cousin, on 69 Lane, off Chisholm Avenue in St Andrew on Saturday.

Starting this week, Kryme Rate, whose given name is Andre Omara Robinson, will begin to motivate youth in Mullet Hall, encouraging them to think peace and not war.

"I will be printing 'Just for Peace' flyers, erecting them in every corner of the community. In addition, we will have murals depicting peace and weekly stage shows promoting love and unity," he said.

The deejay, who also grew up in Corporate Area communities such as Grants Pen, Jones Town and Marverly, added,

"I know how tough it is for youth to survive living within a poverty-striken single-mother home. I had to push the handcart downtown Kingston to provide food on the table. Despite this and other challenges, we did not turn to crime."

Known for years as one with a knack for 'negative' songs, Kryme Rate said that he believes he is on the right path to being a positive role model in Jamaica.

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