Looga Man boasts ‘Swagga Supreme’ with new music

June 07, 2023
Looga Man
Looga Man

Veteran dancehall deejay Looga Man has been busy inside the Dutty Rock Productions studio, and shows no signs of slowing down with the release of his latest single Swagga Supreme.

The track, which is written by Billboard songwriter Kirk 'Koolface' Ford, develops from gimmickry into a vibeful summer party anthem.

"I usually write my own lyrics but was very much open to recording a song for a reputable writer like Koolface. In terms of recording and performing, I guess it's kind of a new strategy but with a touch of Looga magic. The song's energy was very much along my lines, but it provided a simpler, yet catchy hook that works in the current dancehall landscape and also on the international side of the industry," Looga Man said.

He continued, "My music library is filled with a wide variety of music. I stay inspired. The inspiration for this single was just the relentless pursuit of quality music and self-expression. I believe I have a very distinctive sound with limitless talent in this song, so from the old to the young can catch on so easily." Swagga Supreme walks the line between the classic and the new sounds of dancehall.

Looga Man said, "I would think I'm expressing my fun, creative side. I never get caught up with what dancehall is dictating or doing on a whole. I like what I like and feel what I feel. I've always been somewhat raunchy with songs like Call Up and Gimmie Some. It's just that it started out with me thinking Koolface was going to do a demo for the riddim but he wrote a banger. I went into Dutty Rock that day with the intention of recording a banger and that is what I accomplished."

"My swagga is ultimately supreme because of my level of intelligence and education. Not only am I book smart but I am street smart, so that culminating with this level of handsomeness makes my swagga supreme," he added.

One of the original members of Dutty Cup Crew, Looga Man, given name Ayun Kanye Daley, has remained a loyal confidant to Grammy Award-winning hitmaker Sean Paul, who makes a cameo in the music video for Swagga Supreme.

"It is such a great feeling to be able to work with Dutty Paul, a true professional and dancehall icon and a very good friend of mine. To be able to get direction from arguably the biggest artiste in dancehall history is an astronomical benefit to say the least," he remarked.

Looga Man said that he is preparing to compile tracks for a full project, whether an EP or an album.

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