Tifa ‘spelling out’ more performances and new music

June 02, 2023
Tifa giving a magnetic performance at Strictly 2K Throwback Festival at Mas Camp in Kingston.
Tifa giving a magnetic performance at Strictly 2K Throwback Festival at Mas Camp in Kingston.

When one of the "b-a-d-d-e-s-t" female deejays stepped out on the stage of Strictly 2K last Friday, the patrons of Mas Camp erupted in song and cheers.

This was Tifa's first performance in years on a Jamaican stage and she was excited by the positive interaction she received from fans.

"The performance was nothing short of awesome. It was a joy to be performing for my people! It's been years since I've performed in Kingston! I was so happy, and even more elated that the fans loved it," she told THE WEEKEND STAR. Phone lights filled the air as supporters joined in on the call-and-answer segment of the concert. The consummate performer rolled out hit after hit from the early 2000s, bringing crisp clarity and festive delivery to repertoire staples such as Crawny Gyal, Move Ur Body, Matie Wine, and Spell It Out, her signature hit. The singjay explained that she was particularly honoured to grace the stage of the throwback festival that celebrates dancehall culture at its prime.

"This is probably my second or third time attending the party. It's always a vibe. It's always nice. I believe it has solidified itself as a must-go event," she said.

After being away in the US to pursue other career goals that would work towards building the brand and legacy, Tifa has now decided to return home to her first love, music.

"I always pop in for a visit from time to time. But now it's like something different is in the air! As it relates to coming back home, I felt like it was time; space is there for me now more than ever," she said.

Her 'comeback' has seen the recently released track, Sweet So, with ZJ Chrome already doing well.

But she said, "There will definitely be more performances, and you'll be seeing me more on the ground fulfilling certain contractual obligations. More new music coming, too; you might even get an album this year."

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