Leeto Lethal wants to change the ‘Paradigm’

June 02, 2023
Leeto Lethal
Leeto Lethal

Recording artiste Leeto Lethal recently released his eight-track EP, Paradigm.

"The project has mixed emotions/feelings, being that it was aimed to cover almost every topic that you can think of. Therefore, the vibe is dependent on which song is being played at any given time," the artiste explained. The EP is produced collaboratively by Thunder Records, Skeem Life Muzik and Bobbyrich Records.

"The project is different from what is being put out in the modern space, and that is what we intentionally aimed for. People have been enjoying that," the artiste highlighted.

The accompanying six-minute short film for the title track, which was directed, shot and edited by My Visualz Studio, was released on May 14 and has already accumulated more than 11,000 views. Visuals are in the works for the other tracks.

"My hope for this project is for it to reach a wide audience, in order to showcase the versatility that I possess. I also hope that it can create a great impact on the person listening," the artiste said.

Hailing from Morant Bay in St Thomas, Leeto Lethal started recording music in 2018 and officially embarked on his professional journey in 2022.

"My style of music is to mainly highlight everyday matters and deep emotions on any kind of beat, to bring across music that people can deeply relate to," he stated.

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