Singer salutes dance icon Bogle on new single

May 26, 2023
Gerald ‘Bogle’ Levy
Gerald ‘Bogle’ Levy
Triple Blaxxx
Triple Blaxxx

At the end of most of his shows, Sammy Davis Jr would perform Mister Bojangles in tribute to Bill 'Bojangles' Robinson, arguably the greatest tap dancer.

Singer Triple Blaxxx believes the best dancer he ever saw was Bogle, the flamboyant member of the Black Roses Crew who inspired Mister Bogle, his latest song.

Produced by Carl McGregor, the single is done to a reggae beat of Mister Bojangles, which Triple Blaxxx heard recently while hiking in the hills of Hollywood, California.

Within days, he had written Mister Bogle, which salutes the wiry 'legs man' who was murdered at a gas station in Kingston in January 2005 at age 40.

"Bogle was unique in so many ways, not jus' him dance moves. Di way him dress, di way him talk...dat dude was jus' different," said Triple Blaxxx.

Bogle, given name Gerald Levy, was one of the sparks that illuminated dancehall music during the 1990s. His moves such as World Dance, Urkle and the Jerry Springer, endeared him to fans and artistes such as Beenie Man and Buju Banton, whose hit songs World Dance and Bogle, respectively, were named for him.

Triple Blaxxx said he met the famed dancer while "dance-hopping" in Kingston back in the day.

Previously known as Sugar Black, Triple Blaxxx was part of the duo Sugar Black and Lebanculah, who recorded for Tony Rebel's Flames Music camp in the 1990s.

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