Kxng Izem working from ‘Midnight Til Dawn’ - Artiste releases double EP

March 24, 2023
Kxng Izem
Kxng Izem

Rising star Kxng Izem is unveiling his double EP titled Midnight Til Dawn, which the artiste describes a 'vibe'.

The 12-track project aims to showcase the artiste's versatility as he explores various genres. He said that putting together Midnight Til Dawn was "super easy".

"[It was easy] considering that everybody involved in the production and creative process are people I really have a good connection with. But, of course, it still took a deep level of focus because it is always important for me to give my listeners, and the world at large, quality music that is worth the valuable time they spend out of their days to listen," he said.

Kxng Izem, whose given name is Dmitri Cummings, explained that the double EP is packed with positive energy and good vibrations.

"The Midnight side expresses potent and relatable lyricism, wittiness, consciousness, and soulful Rastafari messages in a new and modern form with a lot of vibes. Til Dawn modernises '90s dancehall, which the industry has been yearning for. It also has elements of rocksteady and R&B to evoke soothing and sultry feelings," he explained.

He hopes that this project will result in an explosive breakout into the Jamaican mainstream music industry, and garner international support. He said that he was also inspired by his realisation that there was a void in the type of music that brings a high level of artistry and excitement that everyone can enjoy.

"The culture needs some excitement, and we wanted to curate the music in a way that was different but easily digestible. I appreciate the people who support my music and I wanted them to get a glimpse of my dualistic nature. I have a lot of female fans, too, and I wanted to do something special for them, not just add a few love songs on a project. By creating a double EP, I had the opportunity to do so," he shared.

Kxng Izem discovered his love for music at age eight. In 2017, he wrote, recorded and engineered his first body of work as an independent artiste titled 24 Eden Garden, Kingston 10, and later in 2019, Many Moods of Izem, which was produced from his makeshift studio in his bedroom.

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