Reigne finds her way back to music

March 02, 2023
STAR on the Rise Reigne
STAR on the Rise Reigne
Reigne said that despite working in the finance sector, her heart was always with music.
Reigne said that despite working in the finance sector, her heart was always with music.

Singer and songwriter Sacha-Kaye Parkinson, who goes by the stage name Reigne, has always been a lover of music but stepped away to enter the corporate world for some time. However, her passion has fuelled her to rededicate her life to the pursuit of a fruitful, crossover career, and come March 5, she is set to begin releasing singles to ignite this journey.

Speaking to THE STAR, the Kingston native said that for her, the desire to use her talent could not be ignored.

"You have to focus on your passion. Focus on what it is that you really want to do and you will be able to grow in the way that God has ordained you to grow. Move forward with your goals, no matter what. So, I procrastinated and stepped away from what I really wanted to do, but I have recognised that this is what I really want. So I am making the necessary steps to get to the end goal," she shared of her re-entry to the music scene.

"My aim is to be a crossover artiste, because my sound is a mixture of both dancehall and R&B, mixed with aspects of my personality. I'm really just bringing my own flavour, so you will hear some of every genre in me," Reigne continued.

Having started doing music as far back as her days at Mona Preparatory School in St Andrew, where she took piano lessons and sang on the choir, she was always certain that music was one of the best parts of her. Reigne enrolled at the Edna Manley College of the Visual And Performing Arts in hopes of becoming a music teacher. But unfortunately, she dropped out after two years to assist in taking care of her family. But she said that she simply could not give up.

"In about February of last year, I was thinking about the fact that I needed to capitalise on my talent; and I tried different avenues, trying to learn about the business. And then I met my spouse and surprisingly, he was in the same field, and then his aim became to ensure that I would be able to fulfil whatever dream I had in making it a reality. So I decided to go on and pursue the music full-time based on my talent that I believe in," she revealed.

Though she was working in banking and finance, she said the knowledge she has gained in music studies has given her an advantage.

"It helped me to be very in tune with the music because of my knowledge about the craft. I can identify different things with musicians that they may be doing wrong, which I know I possibly can look out for and identify. I pride myself on being a great music critic," she said.

For the rest of the year, Reigne is aiming to ensure that her songs and unique sound reach the ears of music lovers across the world.

"I would want to consistently be putting out singles, and be working with major brands and labels and give more of music to Jamaica so they [Jamaicans] can understand my style and love it, as well as internationally, because I am more geared towards that area. But hopefully our crowd will still love me," she said.

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